Wooden Grooved acoustic Panels

Acoustic Board India , Wooden Grooved Panels and Wooden Slats
wooden grooved acoustic panels

More about Wooden Grooved acoustic Panels

  • Thickness 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm
  • Size 2440 x 128 mm
  • Edge Tongue & Groove
  • Density 750 Kg/m3
  • Weight 12 Kg/m2
  • Core MDF/HDF
  • Fire Class 1 & P
  • Acoustics NRC Upto 0.75
  • Climates 0C 50, RH 70
  • Warranty 5 Year
  • Maintenance Wet Wipe, Dry Wipe
  • 18 mm GI or Almn. Channel

Additional benefits

1) Basic Material Which Used in this Product E1 MDF, FR MDF, MgO Combination of boards.

2) MDF Wooden Grooved Panel is One of the Superior Advanced and Efficient absorption Product which helps for reducing reverberant sound Level in Many different environments, such as Gym, Hotels, Exhibition,Centre , School, Studios, Reception Area, Lecture theatre.

3)The Perforated Wooden Grooved Panels are Designed For applications Requiring High level sound Absorption.

4) These Panels are Available in various Colors and designs With Well Finished condition.

Application:- Auditorium, Lecture Room, Multiplex, Conference Room, Hotel, Worship Space, Office, Airport, Studio and Home theatre, Auditorium, Cinema Hall , Theaters, Music hall, Stadium, Lecture Hall, Library, Multi-function hall, Hotel, Museum , Meeting rooms, Conference Hall, Business office and other public places.

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