MDF Perforated Wooden Grooved Panels

ACOUSTIC BOARD INDIA , Perforated Wooden slats, Wooden Grooved Panels

MDF Perforated Wooden Grooved Panels


1) Acoustic Perforated wooden Grooved Panels are available in Different types and Perforation Levels.

2) Remarkable sound - absorbing Function, Middle and Low Frequency Sound Absorbing effects Especially renowned.

3) Our wood Acoustic Panel System utilizes aesthetically pleasing wood Grooved and perforated panels for acoustic treatment to wall and ceiling. .

4) acoustic Board India utilizes high-density MDF pre-laminated boards.

5) wood panels are available in a range of configurations to satisfy all interior and Their Needs.

Applications :- Conference Room, Hotel, Worship Space, Office, Airport, Studio and Home theater, Auditorium, Lecture Room, Multiplex, Private Room.


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