Perforated Calcium Silicate Tiles

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Perforated Calcium Silicate Tiles


1) Eco-Friendly and High-Performance Calcium Silicate tiles with Excellent Dimensional and Stability.

2) Acoustic Board India Provides you huge Range of Perforated Calcium Silicate tiles Carved From Calcium Silicate Board.

3) Sizes Are Available 595 mm x 595 mm, 600 mm x 600 mm, 1220 mm x 1220 mm With Different Design And Thickness.

4) It is an Eco-Friendly Calcium Silicate Board, which will not Harm Any Natural Environment.

5) There are Many Key Feature Available in this Product Termite Resistance, Non-Combustible, Superior Durability, 100% Asbestos Free. Moisture Resistance, Sound and Heat Insulation, Heat Isolation.

6) These tiles are generally Utilized for Indoor Space Where Has the Necessity to Drop Commotion as well as the requirements medium and great design.

7) Key Features are Moisture Resistant Proprieties, Water-Resist &Fire Proof, High strength. it's a Perforated Calcium silicate tiles and board which helps to reduce the noise level.

Application:- Auditorium, Lecture Room, Multiplex, Conference Room, Hotel, Worship Space, Office, Airport, Studio and Home theatre, Auditorium, Cinema Hall , Theaters, Music hall, Stadium, Lecture Hall, Library, Multi-function hall, Hotel, Museum , Meeting rooms, Conference Hall, Business office and other public places.


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