Sound Absorbing Custom Acoustic panels

ACOUSTIC BOARD INDIA , Sound Absorbing Custom Acoustic panels

Sound absorbing custom acoustic Panels


1) Sound Absorbing Custom Acoustic Panels Are available in Different Sizes and Colors.

2) Acoustic panel is manufactured With 100% polyester fibers and does not contain Any kind of harmful chemical binders including formaldehyde.

3) Light weight and free cutting, a variety of colors are available with simple corner treatment, different types of shape and any pattern styles can easily reflected.

4) Easy Cleaning and maintenance, Simple way to remove dust by Vacuum Cleaner or Feather Duster, Spot can be cleaned by wet towel or Cleaner.

5) Soft, natural texture, Won't broken below the large impace of high snap.

Applications:-It can be used at any project need acoustical solution such as recording studios, cafeterias, KTV rooms, offices, plants and universities Polyester is more cost effective than any other materials, providing people of all budgets with an option to consider the benefits of both. This delivers outstanding insulation in ceilings and walls.


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