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#We are Acoustic Board India

acoustic board india

We are as Acoustic Board India known for acoustical wall panels, soundproof ceiling tiles, soundproofing panels, studio soundproofing, sound absorbing panels for office and provide all kinds of acoustic solutions with in the space. our acoustic boards and Panels are so colourful can reduce the reverbration sounds and echo level with in the space.

Innovative product development is a major focus of our business.

On an on-going basis, our in-house specialists focus on improving the outcome of sound performance while setting our specifications within the ISO and ATSM standard requirements.

We strive to create aesthetically appealing high-end series products with characteristics in the designs that meet the needs of metropolitan lifestyle. We deals in All types of Acoustic material.

AcousticBoardIndia: Frontline Products

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels , Customized Acoustic Panels, 3D Acoustic Panels, Wood Wool Acoustic Panels,Perforated Calcium Silicate Tiles, Mdf Wooden Grooved Acoustic Panels, MDF Perforated Wooden Grooved Panels.